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How to use the Student Carousel Wizard

There might be occasions during the planning of the student curriculum, when groups of students need to be transferred from one class to another during the course of the academic year. This is particularly useful if, for example, there are three groups of students attending Expressive Arts classes. At any one time during the academic […]

How to use the SIMS Options Module through the Hosted Application Service (SIMS Terminal Server)

How to use the SIMS Options Module through the Hosted Application Service (SIMS Terminal Server) or locally hosted when using windows authenticated SIMS .net logins…


How do I make the registration periods appear on student timetables?

There is no need to create academic classes to match registration groups for Lesson Registration purposes because Lesson Monitor will offer Registration groups for selection in Take Register is is it set up to do so.  The only reason for creating academic classes to match registration groups for a registration period is so that they […]

Teacher changes made on the classes screen are not reflected on the blocks screen.

The problem is caused by the sessions screen not updating with changes to the classes screen.  This can be checked on the report – Reports | Cluster/Session mismatches.  If such changes are made on the classes screen, the system does not necessarily know what corresponding changes need to be made on the Sessions screen. e.g. […]

How do I bulk print the teacher timetables?

Teacher timetables cannot be bulk printed from Nova-T6. Bulk printing of teacher timetables can be done from SIMS .net  using route Reports |  Timetables |  Staff Timetables. Indvidual staff timetables can be printed from Nova-T6 and an all staff timetable can be printed. Timetables for different groups of teachers can be printed using Timetable | […]

Advice on starting the Timetable early.

Some schools start next year’s curriculum early. – using the same timetable – using a new timetable Some schools see this as an introduction to next year’s courses and therefore do not record the students as actually starting these courses during the summer term. Some schools record students as starting the courses at this time. Using the […]

When I try to send the Timetable from Nova T6 to I get a critical error -“Cycles do not match”.

Before sending the curriculum and timetable to for the first time you need to check if the Timetable cycle has changed between one academic year and the next.  For example you might have added an extra lesson to each day or even changed the timetable from a one week to a two week timetable.  If […]