Version 5.3 of the Hosted Application Connector

If your school has upgraded to Version 5.3 of our Hosted Application Connector, there are a number of options that can be enabled before you log into Hosted Applications. If you are using an earlier version of the connector please follow this link to upgrade –

The “Focus” menu just gives you an option to close the connector.

Additional options are available under the “Options” menu that can slightly alter the user experience within Hosted Applications.

To enable or disable an option, simply select it from the Menu, the menu will automatically close.  Verify that the option you have chosen has been enabled/disabled by looking at the Options menu again. A tick indicates that this is selected.

Connect Drives – We recommend that this box is ticked as you will be able to access any drives from your local computer within Hosted Applications. This is useful when you want to transfer files between Hosted Applications to your local computer.

Enable Audio –  Use this option if you are using Truancy Call, Call Parents or any other application that requires sound.

Enable OMR – Use this option if you use an Optical Mark Reader to input Attendance or Assessment data.

Span Monitors – Use this option if you have 2 monitors on your local computer.  It will allow you to use Hosted Applications across both screens.

Smart Size – This will automatically adjust the window size of Hosted Applications when moving between monitors.

Screwdrivers – Control Panel – This will open the Screwdrivers program so you can add or remove printers, and edit some of the print settings.

Additional Connection Options are also available under the “Connections” menu which will change the Server that you log into when accessing Hosted Applications.

SIMS TS 2003 – Select this option to connect to SIMS Terminal Server 2003. This is commonly used to resolve issues within the Hosted Applications, including older software such as Exams.

PS Financials / Corero – If your school uses PS Financials or Corero then tick this option to connect to the Hosted Applications server that runs these programs.

There are also a few options and help under the “Help” menu which can allow us to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Online Help – Links you to the following FAQ category to troubleshoot any potential issues –

Show my IP address – This will open a window that informs you of the IP address of your workstation.

Reset to Default Settings – This option will delete any saved settings such as Smart Size, Span Monitors and Enable Audio. Only use this option if you want to return Hosted Applications to its original settings or are experiencing connection issues.

Open Log File – This will display a log file for the Remote Desktop Client that will help troubleshoot any issues.

After you have decided what settings are appropriate, please click the connect button to continue to the log in screen as shown below.

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