Scomis Hosted Applications v5.42 – What’s new?

After upgrading to version 5.42 of the Scomis Hosted Apps connector (to access your hosted SIMS account) you may wonder what has changed…


Scomis Hosted Connector v5.42 release:
Version 5.42 has been updated to work around an issue for Windows 7 users.  It has been temporarily coded so that older versions of Windows connect by default to one of our older gateway servers as its first choice.  Windows 10 Creators edition will continue to connect to servers using the order specified via our status updates.

Windows 10 users, please ensure that you have the Microsoft .net framework enabled to support a minimum of version 4.

Scomis Hosted Connector v5.4 release:

Version 5.40 has been written as a fix release to address a fault arising from the latest Microsoft Update to the Windows 10 operating system, other wise known as Windows 10 Creator. The new connector is now using a different code language and still provides all of the added functions as listed in the v5.3 release below.

 Scomis Hosted Connector v5.3 release:

New Short cut – users upgrading from the SIMS Terminal Server shortcut will notice the name and icon of the desktop shortcut has changed: Image of the desktop shortcut
Carrier Neutral Connectivity – the new connector will enables Scomis to provide access to hosted services through a second internet service provider in the event of an incident affecting our primary provider.

  • It is important to note that should the schools own internet connection fail, it will still not be possible to access Scomis hosted services without the school using their own alternative internet provision.
Visual representation of the redundant connectivity to the service provided by this connector update.
Additional Firewall Requirements – To gain the benefit of this there are important changes to our connectivity requirements which require action by your school. Please ask your ICT team to action the changes relevant to your school:
Service Status – visual indicator of our service status, in the event of a known problem or upcoming planned maintenance the icon will change to; Amber (Service is impacted), Red (Service is unavailable) or Blue (Planned Maintenance).  These will updates will provide a clickable link taking you to a description of the notification. Image of Connector
Connect Drives – this menu option has been moved to the options menu and been enabled by default Image showing options menu moving menu location
Simplified Troubleshooting – a detailed log file is available to assist in troubleshooting connectivity issues 531b
Previous Enhancements – This version includes all improvements found in v5.1 which are documented here:


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