Central PSFin32.ini for Accounting

PS Financials is a financial suite that can be hosted on Scomis Hosted Applications.  The suite of applications has a number of configuration files that are used at various stages.  These config files are typically accessed from the users own roaming profile folders.

In order to accommodate new users and updating settings, when the user launches one of the PS Financials modules, a script takes care of copying in the vital configuration files or replaces existing copies with an updated version.

To effect a change in the PSFin32.INI file,

  1. browse to F:\PUBLIC\PSF\Config\PS Financials folder,
  2. then open the PSFin32.INI with notepad or notepad++
  3. make your changes, then Save and Close the file.

The Users copy of the PSFin32.INI will be replaced before the module is run, allowing changes to take place the next time the user accesses the module.


Reviewed on 01/08/2019

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