Encryption: Imaging an encrypted device using WDS

Note: Don’t forget to log a call before re-encrypting a recovered/re-imaged device so that you don’t create a duplicate device.


When imaging an encrypted device with WDS you might find that it appears to be successful up until the machine restarts – the McAfee pre-boot login screen might still be there or you have an error relating to it not being found.


This happens because the default wds imaging process does not overwrite the mbr.


To resolve it on an individual basis boot back into the WDS menu and press SHIFT+F10 to get to the command prompt from there you can run the FIXMBR command.  See the microsoft site here for details of the FIXMBR command.

To resolve it for future deployments you can look into incorporating a DISKPART script into your image, try these links for more information:




Last Reviewed: 23/12/2014

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