Java 6 Vulnerability

Java 6 Vulnerability
Scomis are being contacted by an increasing number of schools who have had their computers infected with malware. This coincides with the discovery of vulnerability within Java 6 which can be exploited in order to introduce malware and ultimately take control of computers without the knowledge of the computer user.

To protect against this vulnerability it is vital that all computers that have Java installed are updated to Java 7 Update 25 or later, and it is recommended that any older versions are uninstalled. The simplest way to make sure you have the latest version installed is to download and install it by visiting clicking on the “Free Java Download” button and following the onscreen instructions (Scomis recommend deselecting the option to Install the “Ask Toolbar” when prompted).

If you would like instructions on how to check whether you have Java installed on your computer, check what version(s) of Java you have installed and on how to uninstall older versions please click here.

What is Java?
Java is very widely used and will be installed on the majority of computers often without the user knowing it is there, it consists of a number of components which allow developers to provide feature rich internet content on computers and mobile devices including many popular web based applications and games.

Reviewed on 28/10/2016

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