SLG Mobile – Parent/Carer and Student access

SIMS Learning Gateway Mobile Views

The SLG Mobile views enable parents/carers and students to view the SIMS information available through SLG using a compatible mobile device

  • Apple Iphone – ios6 / ios7
  • Android based smartphone – version 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later

Full details of the functionality can be found in the guide which can be downloaded from the link below:





 Important Notes

  • Functionality is only currently available for Parents/Carers and Students
  • To access the site the user needs to visit their sub-site where their device will be detected and they are automatically redirected to the mobile site, e.g.
    • Students – https://data.scomis/org/<SchoolIdentifier>/Students
    • Parents/Carers – https://data.scomis/org/<SchoolIdentifier>/Parents
  • Redirection has been disabled for the main school site otherwise Teachers would be redirected to the mobile site if they attempted access via a mobile device.
  • Security – it is recommended to remind users that their device should be secured with a pass code because some mobile browsers do not log out of sites unless the cache and cookies are cleared and the device is rebooted.

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