New Windows XP and Server 2003 + Adobe Reader Exploit

Please note Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. If you are still using Windows XP you should upgrade or replace your computer.

A new exploit has been found within Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that when used in conjunction with a further exploit in Adobe Reader (11.0.02 and earlier) allows criminals to take full control of target computers. Computer users will generally be sent an email containing a malicious PDF file or will be invited to download a malicious file. Once infected the computers send a message to the attackers informing them that they are ready to be taken over.

How to protect your Windows XP and Server 2003 Computers against this threat

  • Make sure if you have Adobe Reader installed you have downloaded the latest version from Adobe.
  • Consider upgrading to a newer more secure operating system, for more information click here
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