How to edit remote desktop settings for gateway access (VPN)

**************************************UPDATE************************************** has been replaced with our new connector.

Please download the connector from instead of following this faq.




When accessing hosted applications (Sims terminal server) from home I am not able to resize the window.

Scomis do not specificy a full screen connection so that users may control their own preferences using the rdp defaults.

To change it to full screen:

1.    Make sure Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe) is closed and there are no current sessions open.
2.    Click Start > Run
3.    Enter mstsc.exe > click OK
4.    Click Options (bottom left) to expand tabs
5.    Click onto Display tab and drag slider to full screen
6.    Click back to General tab and click SAVE
7.    Close the remote desktop application

Connect again to the service through the the connection should now be full screen.



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