gateway access (VPN) error after upgrading to Java 7 update 51 or later

Removed 19/08/2016


Scomis will soon be replacing the service with our new Connector which works from home or in school.

Please download the new client from – once installed you will not need Java on your system to access the service.



  • When accessing hosted applications (Sims terminal server) from home you may receive an error if you have recently update to Java 7 update 51.


  • Launch the Java settings program via Start > All Programs > Java > “Configure Java”

    • On some versions of Windows you can also launch via the control panel
  • Select the Security TAB
  • Click onto Edit Site List
  • add
  • Click Apply and OK to save the setting
  • Relaunch the site to continue to use the service



  • We are currently piloting an replacement system with a number of schools which we hope to migrate everyone over to in the coming weeks.  Please use the workaround until details of the replacement service have been sent to your school.



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