Finance File Manager (fl.exe) Error Code: 162 Unable to create record

When launching Finance File Manager an error may be displayed showing or similar

Error code: 162 Unable to create record : Table: ‘Files’, rowid =99

The problem occurs when the underlying database has become corrupt.  It is possible to fix the database by following these procedures.

Obtain a copy of the F:\PUBLIC\DTSApps\flsys\fldata.vdb

  1. Open the file with VistaDB Data Builder (See Server + Network Team)
  2. Use the Database > Pack (maintain file permissions) menu option and Pack the database.
  3. Browse to Tables > Files > Data
  4. At the end of the database there will be a blank record, click into the record to select it, then click the X button in the tool bar to delete the record.
  5. Close the Database and return the database to the original location.


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