Scomis Hosted Application Connector – False Positive report of Trojan Virus or Malware by Antivirus software

Recently some Antivirus applications have begun to detect the Scomis Hosted Applications connector as some form of Virus or Malware.

If you use McAfee please see these specific FAQs:
Windows 8 – Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Detected by Mcafee as a Trojan Virus Artemis on Windows 8




After your Anti Virus software has alerted you to the detection it will have either moved the files into a quarantine location or or possibly deleted those it suspects to be a problem.

when you launch the Application you will see the following message


Choose no and follow the instructions for one of the workarounds listed below.





This commonly is known as a false positive where the heuristic detection technology (which attempts to guess if an application is malicious) has marked our programs as malicious.




Scomis have submitted the effected files for analysis by the major Antivirus vendors, we have been confirmed safe with McAfee, Sophos and the other major vendors.

If your Antivirus is still detecting our software as malware after it has been updated follow the workarounds below and log a call with them to report the false – positive.




  • Add Exclusions for the Scomis Hosted Application folders so the problem does not re-occur

  1. Launch your Antivirus Scan console
    1. Scomis does not support every Antivirus Application so you may need to consult your support provider for the Antivirus
  2. Enter exclusions for:
    1. “C:Program Files\Scomis\” – including subfolders
    2. “C:Program Files (x86)\Scomis\” – including subfolders
    3. “C:ProgramData\Scomis\” – Including Subfolders
  3. If you have a scheduled scan you will also need to add exclusions in a similar manner to the full scan settings
  • Retrieve the quarantined files to enable the Connector to function again

  1. In the VirusScan Console you may be be able to retreive the files from the quarantine system.
  • If you found no entries in the Quarantine manager you will need to repair the installation

  1. Click on Start and enter Programs and Features
  2. Right click onto the Scomis Hostes Apps and choose Repair


The connector will now function normally again…



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