Scomis Hosted Application Service – Changes to the Service for 2015/2016

Hosted Application Service – Changes to the service for 2015/2-16

From April 2015 Scomis will be including Remote Access and Discover for all customers as part of the standard annual charge for the Hosted Application Service


Why have Scomis made these changes?

Simplifying our service functionality in this way has a number of benefits and is part of our strategy of improving our service levels and the customer experience of them.

Remote Access

In today’s information age secure access to data from anywhere is seen as a standard requirement for users.  In providing this as standard Scomis are supporting customers in offering the benefits of flexible working to their staff and the work life balance improvements this can bring.


Scomis believe this a fantastic tool which can enable Schools to better harness the value of data held in SIMS.  Including the functionality with your service removes one of the barriers to access by having it as a separate chargeable option.


How will this improve my service?

  • Using our client with its seamless connectivity improves the user experience by having one familiar system to use whether in school or at home.
  • The troubleshooting process is vastly simplified and will improve your support experience if problems occur.
  • Reducing the overhead in maintaining the additional options will enable Scomis to better focus on the service delivery of the Hosted Application Service.
  • Hosting of SIMS Discover – a graphical, analytical tool that allows you to analyse your SIMS data and present it in a variety of ways. With SIMS Discover, you and your staff can analyse student data in minutes, saving valuable time.


How do we take advantage of these changes?

Remote Access

Access from anywhere will be available for all customers from April 1st 2015 using our new connector

Customers are encouraged and able to install our new connector now which improves the experience for users and enables a seamless transition from school to remote access.  Please follow the guidance at


Setup of Discover will be available for all schools using the Hosted Application Service from April 1st 2015.  To request setup simply log a call with the service desk.


Where can I find out more information?

Remote Access

Please see FAQ: Scomis Hosted Application Service – Remote Access Benefits


Please see FAQ: Scomis Hosted Application Service – Discover Benefits



Contact Us

For more information – please call us on 01392 385300 or email

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