PS Financials – Document Imaging – reading barcodes from scanned documents

PS Financials Document Imaging has the ability to read scanned bar codes once scanned by a schools local scanner and stored in a folder accessible by the user within the Scomis SIMS Hosted Application.

To make the process of transferring files from the schools local network to the Hosted Application Service easier we have created a sync tool, please see for how to set this up.

The user can open the scanned image within PS Financials, which will then read the bar code on the image and process the information.


  • Barcodes may fail to be recognised if the scanner glass is dirty, check the scan for any blemishes or lines going through the barcoded area
  • Barcodes may fail to be recognised if the barcode label was stuck on at an angle or with a kink, take care when attaching the label that it is straight
  • canned documents may fail to be read if they are not in a high enough definition. If images are scanned at 100DPI (dots per inch), they may not be processed by the PS Financials software and will return an error that the bar code can’t be read.

When scanning within Windows, on the scanner control panel check the following settings:

  • 300DPI (or better)
  • Greyscale (rather than colour)
  • Save image as jpeg (.jpg)

This will scan at a resolution which will allow PS Financials to read the bar codes correctly.


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