PS Financials – Updating licences for your school

From time to time you may be emailed new licences for the PS Financials Software which Scomis host for you.

Updating the licence is a simple process which you can complete yourself on receipt of the email from PS Financials or contact the Service Desk if you would like assistance.

Process to add/update licences

The licence server for your PS FInacials software is installed on the same server as the databases and reporting engine.

Access to this is only needed when new licences are applied so a specific shortcut has not been created.

  1. To access the system you need to be logged into the Hosted Application Service.
  2. Once logged in launch the the Portal shorcut
  3. Select the URL in the address bar
  4. Edit the URL so that you leave the servername and domain and remove the text after simsnet.local.
  5. Append :777 after simsnet.local, please note the colon is important, see example below
  6. Click enter to load the licence system
  7. Click onto Add New Keys
  8. Paste your new keys into the box, you can do more than one at a time as shown in the example below
  9. Click SUBMIT then wait, the process can take up to 30 seconds, Try clicking SUBMIT again if nothing changes after this.
  10. Once Successful a message will be displayed on screen
  11. Then you will be forwarded to the home screen where you can see the updated licences are in effect
  12. Simply close the browser to complete the process.



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