Create New Shortcut within Hosted Apps



There are some stages that you need to do to get a new shortcut.  This example is for a web address so you will need to copy an existing VBS file and amend it.


So on a front end server,

  • browse to E:\Profiles\Scripts2\Programs
  • Locate a VBS file that contains a web link (e.g. CensusWebsite.vbs)
  • Copy the file and rename the copy as appropriate
  • Update the address in the vbs file
  • Launch SIMS and login as Scotech
  • On the appropriate panel, add a shortcut and browse to your new script.
  • Test that it works.



  • Launch C:\Program Files\Scomis\TSShortcuts\PopulateScoMIS_ShortCuts.exe
  • Click the “Synchronise” button – this will enumerate every school database and add shortcuts.
  • Meanwhile, copy the VBS script into the T:\Source\Push\E$ProfilesScripts2 folder structures
  • Then run the Push script.


On SIMSNET01/SIMSDB05 (when the populate shortcuts has finished)

  • Launch SQL Server Manager
  • Connect to SIMSDB05\SIMS2008
  • Browse to Scomis_Shortcuts database and select the dbo.sco_Shortcuts table (right click and choose Select Top 1000 rows)
  • Near the bottom you will find your shortcut, make a note of the sco_shortcut_id
  • Open a new Query Window and enter the following, replacing the <shortcut_id> with the id you noted earlier.
  • use ScoMIS_Shortcuts;
  • update dbo.sco_Shortcuts SET available_to=’ADGroup’ where sco_shortcut_id=<shortcut_id>;
  • Reload the previous select statement to check that the group is now set.

The shortcut should now be available in the Shortcut Manager.

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