New Level GCAS1- AS Level Course and GCE2Y – 2 Year A Level Course

The GCE2Y level for new 2 year A Level Courses was introduced with the Summer 2015 upgrade.

The GCAS1 level for the new AS Level Courses will not be available until the Autumn 2015 upgrade

Schools can apply patch 20888 to make the new GCAS1 level available before the Autumn Upgrade.

Hosted Schools:  Please log a call with the Service Desk requesting the required Patch.

Non-Hosted Schools can download the patch from here

Click here for instructions on how to run a patch.

To use the new levels in Nova T6 you will need to take the following actions:

1. In Nova open the latest 2015/2016 file and go to Data / Refresh Basedata and import the level GCE2Y or GCAS1.

2. In Nova go to Tools / Assign Levels and assign the level to all classes starting 2 year A Level or AS Level courses in 2015/16,

3. When you next send the 2015/2016 timetable to SQL new 2 year A or one year AS courses will be created with the new level.

NB if new levels are assigned to classes in Nova T6 and the changes are sent to Sims AFTER the start of the 2015/2016 year courses will not be automatically created and you will need to do this manually in Course Manager.

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