Hosted SIMS Terminal Server 2003 – End of Life

This FAQ answers questions about the SIMS Terminal Server 2003 – End of Life and what it means to users of the Scomis Hosted SIMS platform.  If you have a question that we’ve not answered, please contact the Scomis Service Desk – 01392 385300.

What is Server 2003?

Server 2003 was the operating system that was first used to deliver SIMS and FMS remotely to schools by Scomis.  The operating system provided Terminal Services which allowed users to log in and access the Scomis network remotely.  Scomis provided SIMS, FMS and a number of other applications users through this remote computing solution.

When did Microsoft stop supporting 2003?

Microsoft officially stopped supporting Server 2003 on 14th July 2015.  No further security updates or fixes will be released to the operating system after this date.

Why are Scomis retiring the servers?

Scomis need to ensure that school data remains safe and will be decommissioning our remaining Server 2003 servers.  We believe that all SIMS, FMS and third party functionality is fully available on our main platform.

What do I need to do?

If you are not using the Server 2003 platform, then there is no need to do anything, this change does not effect you.  However if you are using the 2003 platform, you will need to ensure that you have upgraded to the latest Hosted Applications connector.  Your username and password will work just fine with our main platform.

Where can I get the latest Hosted Applications connector?

You can download our latest connector from There are also other connection options described on this page for connecting Android, Apple and Chromebook computers.

What is happening with the old servers?

Our remaining Server 2003 servers were virtualised and the old hardware has already been sent to recycling.  Once the operating system has been shut down, the guest computers will be deleted.

Does Exams Organiser now work on your main platform?

Yes, Exams Organiser now works correctly on our main platform.

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