PS Financials – Document Imaging – Sync Tool & Empty Scanned Images

The PS Financials Document Imaging Suite enables you to print a bar code on a label, attach this to a document which is then scanned in and automatically filed into the system.

This process requires an additional stage if you are hosted with Scomis or use a similar PSF Cloud or other RDP solution.

After the files have been scanned locally they need to be copied over to your hosted system.

To make this process as seamless as possible Scomis have made a sync tool and script to empty the scanned images after processing available.

How do I setup this tool for my school?

Locally (on the school workstations)

All workstations need to be configured to scan images to the same path.

  • This can be a local patch which is the same on each workstation, e.g. “C:\PSF Scanned Invoices”
  • Or a network location e.g. “S:\Admin\PSF Scanned Invoices”

The workstations don’t need to share files locally, the important point is that the PATH is consistent between them, even if the workstations are in different schools and networks they all have a consistent path.

Per school (on the Hosted Apps service)

  • Open the “F:\Public\PSF\Configs\PSFSync.ini” file
  • Change the SchoolsFolder to match your local path
  • For example if you are using “C:\PSF Scanned Invoices” locally
  • The entry in the file would be SchoolsFolder=\\tsclient\C\PSF Scanned Invoices
    • Note: there should be no trailing slash on the folder paths in this configuration file
  • Close the file and save your changes.

Per user (on the Hosted Apps Service)

Shortcuts for the tools need to be assigned to all the staff who need it.

This can be done by the person (s) in school with access to the user management tools or the Scomis Service Desk

  1. PS Financials > Document Sync
  2. PS Financials > Empty Scanned Images

Using the Sync Tool (on the Hosted Apps Service)

  1. After having scanned your files locally log into the Hosted Application Service
  2. Maker sure when logging in that your “Connect Drives” option is ticked in our connector
  3. Once logged in launch the “PS Financials > Document Sync” application
  4. Click on “Begin Sync” a window will appear during the operation”
  5. Once finished click “Save and Exit” to close.
  6. Then proceed normally with the Document Imaging Process browsing to F:\Public\PSF\Scanned Invoices to pickup the scans
  7. In the second stage after the document has been identified attach the files into F:\Public\PSF\Document Imaging\Attached Documents
  8. After closing the Document Imaging Application run the “Empty Scanned Images” tool to clear up the temporary files




PSF Imaging Sync Invoice Barcode Document


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