Spoof the Default Printer

If you experience issues accessing printers in older applications such as FMS or Exams Organiser when accessing the Scomis Hosted Applications Service. This tip might help resolve issues such as “Error 218” in FMS. A simple fix can be applied by setting the Spoof the Default printer setting in the Screwdrivers control panel and then logging into the Hosted Applications Service.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel
  • Locate and double click the ScrewDrivers Client v4 icon
    control panel icon for ScrewDrivers

    ScrewDrivers control panel icon

  • Tick the option for Spoof the Default Printer, then select the printer you wish to use.
    ScrewDrivers Spoof the default printer

    ScrewDrivers control panel

  • Click OK
  • Log in to Hosted Applications and check that Printers are working



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