Chromebook access to the Scomis hosted SIMS / hosted applications platform – Getting Started Guide

Important – this web access portal has been developed specifically for Chromebook access to the Scomis Hosted Applications platform. Beta phase for HTML5 web portal access is now closed. If your school staff need to access hosted SIMS or other Scomis Hosted Applications from their Chromebook, please follow the guide below or log a call with the Service Desk.  Alternatively, there are now some Chromebooks which are compatible with Android apps so we would recommend using the Microsoft RDP client and following where possible.

  • NOTE:  Capita SIMS .net requires Microsoft Office Products for reporting, it is therefore the responsibility of all schools to ensure that all users and devices are covered for remote use rights by having a valid  Microsoft Office 2016 Licence (Standard Edition Minimum).

Getting Started Guide


Login / Logout


Go to the following URL and enable pop ups for if/when prompted. You will see links in the pop up window to this user guide and for connecting to the Scomis hosted platform using other devices.

Login to our HTML5 access portal using your hosted SIMS username and password.

Very Importantensure you select Never if your browser asks if you want it to save your SIMS username and password. 

If the password is saved in your browser, then anyone with access to your device could obtain your credentials / login to SIMS.



To log out of the access portal, go to Focus and Exit in the SIMS screen. Click Yes to exit SIMS.



Click Yes to Logout of your session or No to restart SIMS.

Printing from a Chromebook

It is possible to print from the Scomis hosted apps web access portal. You will need an already configured Google Cloud Printer setup.

See here for further details on Google Cloud Printing

Once a Google Cloud Printer is available to the Chromebook, you will be able to print from the Scomis Hosted Platform using the Scomis Print2PDF printer. For example, when printing a SIMS report, you will see the Scomis Print2PDF printer listed as the available printer. Click Print and wait for the PDF file to be generated to a new tab within your web browser.

Chromebook Print2PDF

Then once the print output is ready, click View in the Print Output Ready dialogue box.


Chromebook Printing

A new browser tab will load with your selected document to print in pdf format. You can then print this to your Google Cloud Printer.


Other features

There is a draggable pink Briefcase icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you click on it, it expands and a few other buttons are available such as clipboard and CTRL+ALT+DEL and a File Transfer feature were you can upload and download files between local device and the hosted SIMS environment.



For example, if you want to change your hosted applications password, you can click the briefcase icon, click the CTRL+ALT+DEL button and then select the Change Password option on the server screen as below.


If you need to upload or download any files between the Scomis hosted environment and your local device, select the Upload or Download files icon, browse to the location of the file you want to transfer and then to the destination location.





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