PS Financials – Adding a New User

If you host your PS Financials system with the Scomis Hosted Application Service this FAQ details setting up a new user of the system.

Scomis are happy to help with any of these steps.

Responsibility Task Detail
Customer Create an account for the Hosted Application Service


Add a user from another school if you are adding users from another school within your MAT/Trust

Customer Create a user account in PS Financials
  • Log onto the PS Financials Server
  • Launch > PS Financials > Administrator
  • School specific server Server: psf#######\PSF (this should be populated for you)
  • User: PSFAdmin
  • Password: school specific
  • Once logged into the application expand User Groups
  • Right click on the group the user is going into
  • The school should advise if they want an assistant or manager creating
  • Choose Add User
  • Name is the username and should follow your existing convention, i.e. initial from their firstname then surname truncated to 11 characters in total if necessary
  • Title is the full name
  • Enter a password e.g. ChangeMe1 (the software will make the user choose a new one after logging in)
  • Tick to make the user active
  • Click save and close
Customer Update the PSFSchool.ini
  • Log onto the PS Financials Server
  • Launch > Apps and Tools > File Manager
  • Browse to F:\Public\PSF\Configs
  • Double click on PSFSchool to open the file
    • Enter a new line mapping the Hosted account against your new PSF Account
    • e.g. Sam.smith12=SSMITH
    • Close the file SAVING changes
SQL Reporting Services Permissions
  • There is no need to make changes to reporting services permissions, these are school group based and should pick up from the Hosted Account
Scomis Map user in the PSF System Database Log a call with the service desk referencing this FAQ, provide the Hosted and PSF user ID, request that we follow the process in KB3779


Reviewed 23/04/2020

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