Academic year start date?

If the term starts on the 1st September but your pupils are not due in until the 3rd September, because you have teacher training days on the 1st and 2nd September, SIMS .net will allow you to put the start date as the 1st, with teacher training days on the 1st and 2nd september.

If you have already created your academic year go to Routines|School|Edit Academic Year, to open the wizard and input or amend these details.

If your new admissions are not due to start until the 3rd of September, then you can put the 3rd as their admission date when you are dealing with the new admission section of the End of Year procedures.

For further information on the End of Year procedures click on the appropriate link below:

Where can I find the End of Year Notes?


Reviewed on 16/02/2015

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