New GCSE Levels for 9-1 Qualifications

Three new levels are available for the new GCSE qualifications

GCSNS GCSE 9-1 short course
GCSNF GCSE 9-1 full course
GCSND GCSE 9-1 double course

These levels, can be helpful in differentiate between GCSEs with grades of A* to G and GCSEs with grades of 9 to 1.

The levels will be included in the Summer 2016 release, or can be made available pre the Summer 2016 upgrade by running patch 21914.

Hosted Schools : Please log a call to request the patch if you wish to use the levels before the Summer Upgrade.

Non Hosted Schools :  Click here to download the patch

Once you have run the Summer upgrade, or pre-upgrade have run the patch to make the levels available they will need to be imported into Nova T6 through Data/Refresh Basedata so that you can assign them to classes through Tools / Assign Levels.



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