Recommended settings for the Screwdrivers Driverless Printing Client

Please ensure you have the latest version of Screwdrivers installed.This FAQ will have the latest version number listed and the latest version available for download –

You can locate the Screwdrivers Client in Control Panel or by typing Screwdrivers in your Windows search box.

General Tab

Make sure the option “Spoof the Default Printer” is checked and that your default printer is selected in the drop down list.

Printers Tab

Ensure that your default printer and if appropriate no more than one alternative printer is listed in the Preferred Printers box with the default printer at the top of the list.

Ensure that all other available printing devices are moved to Denied Printers.

The Available Printers box should be empty.

Printer UI – Extended Tab

This tab allows you to set printer specific options which can help deal with printer specific issues, you will need to select the appropriate printer to enable these options. The most commonly used options are;

Display Second Print Dialog: If your printer driver normally displays a second dialogue box to enable you to enter a user code or amend printer settings, checking this box will allow this to appear in your hosted session.

Print as image: This option is useful if you have a specific print job that is not printing correctly as it sends the print to the printer as an image so ensures what you see on the screen is what prints at the printer. Please note however that this is very resource intensive and so print jobs will take a lot longer than normal if this option is selected. It is recommended to use this setting only if strictly necessary and to disable the setting when it is no longer required.

Font Embedding > Pre-render All: This option is recommended if you have issues with print jobs coming out with strange output or missing characters before trying Print as Image.




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