Preparing your data for PI Reporting

Capita will not be supplying a PI file this year, instead schools will need to manage this process themselves.   We would strongly advise any school who uses Exams Organiser to start the preparation as soon as possible.  The process SHOULD be completed BEFORE exam results are downloaded in order for the PI and Exam Organiser reports to show the correct figures.  If you have already downloaded your results and your reports are not showing correctly, please make sure you have followed the steps below.

Updating QN files in SIMS

(If you are a hosted school, the correct versions of the QN files will be in your Updates folder. And you can skip to step 5)


  1. Create a folder to place the QN files into.
  2. Go to
  3. Download the following four files – Current QANS, Discount Codes, Awarding Bodies and Qualification Types in XML format.

  1. Save the files in the folder created in step 1.
  2. Within SIMS go to Tools – Examinations – Import Qualification Data and press OK for the message checking your download is up to date.



  1. Browse to the folder that you have saved your QAN files (For Hosted schools this is F – Public – Updates) and select them for each of the necessary fields.
  2. Click Import Qualification Data and close when completed.

Cloning the 2016 Performance File

  1. Go to Tools – Examinations – PI Setup and make sure that Summer 2017 is the current season. (If it is incorrect, you will need to set the current season within Exams Organiser)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Clone to copy all of the QNs used in Summer 2016. (Once this has been done, 2017 should show in the list.)

If you get a message to say the QNs can’t be cloned, you will need to have patch 22967 applied. Please contact the Service Desk in this instance.

  1. Close PI Setup and go to Tools – Examinations – Manage Performance Indicators
  2. Click Search to make sure that the cloning process has been carried out correctly.

All the QANs you used last year should be showing in Manage Performance Indicator Window.

Next, you will need to identify any qualifications that weren’t present last year.

  1. In Examinations Organiser go to Reports – Basedata – Structure and select Elements option in the Report Type field. This report identifies the QANs. 
  2. Re-Run the report changing the season to the 2016 season.

At school, the reports can be printed for comparison, As an alternative, they can be exported using and choosing the CSV format.  

Now you will need to add in the missing QANs.

  1. Go to Tools – Examinations – Manage Performance Indicators
  2. Go to New – Add Existing – Type in the QAN code you wish to add.
  3. If the QAN is found, open the record and press ‘Save’
  4. If there is no record found, go to New – Add New and then type in the QAN Code. Click to add the QAN.

If you have added a new QAN, you will need to add the result set. This can be found in the exams basedata.

  1. Go to Exams – Focus – Basedata.
  2. Open up the Series and drill down on the award to the element.
  3. Right click and choose properties. The result set will be shown here.

  1. Go back into SIMS and update the new QAN Result Set and the Result Type then save.

You will then need to remove any qualifications that will not count in the Performance Tables. To do this, go to Tools – Examinations – Manage Performance Indicators and select the QAN you wish to remove then click ‘Remove’.

When all new QANs have been added and all the qualifications that do not count in the Performance Tables have been removed (see below to check which ones count), patch 23807 will need to be applied. This patch will update the PI points in the QANs to the 2017 values for the most common qualifications. Please click here to read which QANs patch 23087 will update. Please contact us when you are at this stage so that we can either apply the patch (Hosted Schools) or release it through Solus 3 for you to run (Non-Hosted Schools).

Checking Which QANs are included in the PI tables and points

To check which QAN’s are included in the PI tables and their correct points, you can follow this link – (For KS4) or this link – (For post 16)  Each spreadsheet contains all of the points scores for any qualifications that count towards the PI Calculations.

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