School Workforce Census Bulletin 2019

This FAQ lists the latest information regarding the School Workforce Census. It contains links to relevant documentation and information on the latest filesets, patches and errors.

We are also running a School Workforce Census webinar on the 31st October for those subscribing to our WebTrain Service or this can be purchased as a one-off for £49

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School Workforce Census Date: 7th November 2019

Latest Census Information

Date Description

Validation errors 4228 and 4410

Capita have released patch 25307 to clear errors 4228 & 4410 from the workforce census.

We will be applying this patch for all hosted schools over the weekend.

For all non-hosted schools the patch has been released via SOLUS 3.

Although this patch removes the error from the census it does not correct the data within SIMS.

You will still need to go to Tools > Staff > Pay Related and change any Support Staff SWC posts for each Service Term.

This will need to be changed to Other Support Staff. This doesn’t need to be done for this workforce census but will need to be corrected before next year.

Main changes compared to SWC 2019


DfE Validation

Routines | Statutory Returns | School Workforce Census

Capita have advised that the DfE has added validation query 6260Q. This query checks whether a school has at least one member of staff with a qualification subject of ‘SEN – SENCO – Z201’.  Capita assume that where schools have checked and it is true that no member of staff has this qualification the school just needs to add a note on COLLECT.

Key Dates for the School Workforce Census

Routines | Statutory Returns | School Workforce Census

  • Census date: 07/11/2019
  • Absence collected from 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019
  • Continuous contracts collected from 01/09/2018 to 07/11/2019.

New Vacancy Post

Routines | Statutory Returns | School Workforce Census

  • The post name ‘(APP) – Apprentice Teacher’ is now available.




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