School Workforce Census Bulletin 2018

This FAQ lists the latest information regarding the School Workforce Census. It contains links to relevant documentation and information on the latest filesets, patches and errors.

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School Workforce Census Date: 8th November 2018

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Latest Census Information

Date Description
11/10/2018 Staff shared between Schools

Following questions from customers, Capita have asked the DfE what they recommend for schools to enter into SIMS for staff that are shared between schools and they have suggested the following:

“More than one record for an individual member of the school workforce would be returned in the school workforce census in the following instances:

  • when a person is in regular service at more than one school, either via a contract or, for teachers, employed under a service agreement. For example a teacher who works two days a week in one school and three in another would need more than one record. Both schools would be expected to submit a record that reflects the time spent by the teacher in their school
  • when a person, teacher or support staff, ceases working at one school and begins working at another school during the period covered by the census (1 September 2017 to 8 November 2018). Both schools would be expected to submit a record that reflects the time spent in their school during that period

A school or local authority may need to submit information for a member of staff for more than one contract, or period of employment under a service agreement, in the school workforce census. This would happen when

  • they have more than one current contract, or are engaged to work at the school under more than one service agreement, at the Census day in one school. For example they have one part-time contract with the school as a midday supervisor and another part-time contract as an administrator, or
  • they have one current contract, or are engaged to work at the school under a service agreement, at the Census Reference Date and finished another period of regular service in the previous academic year. For example, they were promoted on 1 January 2018 from deputy head teacher to head teacher and so both the old deputy head teacher contract and the current head teacher contract would be returned

In these cases there should be two contract or service agreements recorded for that school workforce member. There should never be two school workforce member records for the same individual in one return”.

For clarification please see the following statement from the DfE:

“For a federation or a family of academies the department requires a return from each
individual school. Where staff are shared across schools they must be returned
separately for each school, showing the appropriate hours. This can only be changed in
exceptional circumstances”.

Documentation (click to download the relevant manual)



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