Setup Wonde (by Schools) for Hosted SIMS

To set up Wonde on our hosted platform, the school will first need to set up a SIMS Wonde user account through System Manager in their SIMS database.

Once this has been done a Data Authorisation request will need to be made by the SIMS Data Manager/Headteacher at the school (ie; someone with User Management permissions).

Follow these steps;

  • Login to SIMS using the SIMS Hosted Connector as a System Manager (School Administrator)
  • from Focus > System Manager > Manage Users
  • Create a new user with the following details:
    • Surname: wonde
    • Forename: user
  • Add the following permission groups to the newly created user:
    • Assessment Co-Ordinator
    • Personnel Officer
    • School Administrator
    • Senior Management Team
    • Third Party Reporting

Once the user is set up please use the Data Authorisation Tool found under the User Management Shortcut panel to authorise.

Our FAQ guidance on using the Data Authorisation Tool can be found by here.

You may also find our Data Authorisation Tool Video helpful.


updated: 2 Dec 2020




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