Scomis Autumn Term 2017 User Groups – Links and presentations

Scomis User Groups  Autumn Term 2017, please find below useful links and demonstrations.

Service Report

The Summer Term 2017 Scomis Service Report was presented and Scomis Performance against Key Performance Indicators were reviewed.  A link to the report can be found below.

Summer Term 2017 Scomis Service Report

SIMS Update Autumn 2017

A presentation of the new SIMS Updates for Autumn 2017 can be found below


SIMS Update Autumn 2017

Scomis Desktop

An overview was given of the new Scomis Desktop.  Click here for the Scomis Desktop brochure.

For more information, a full demonstration or to participate in a free of charge 6 week trial from the end of January 2018, please contact your Account Manager.

Please click below to view the Scomis Desktop Presentation.

The Scomis Desktop v2

FREE SIMS Interventions module.

Use data within SIMS to identify underperforming pupils to allocate additional support and resource to those pupils and track how effective this has been.  Using SIMS Interventions gives you a wealth of contextual data, as well as analytical power to understand exactly how your interventions are helping your pupils.

An action from the Summer Term User Groups was to provide a link to the SIMS Interventions Webinar.  This can be found below.

Social Media Channels

Scomis has several social media channels for our customers use. News and bulletins can be found here, please like and follow to see regular updates.

Scomis Bulletins

You can keep abreast of Census, School Workforce Census, Key Stage, End of Year Procedures, Exams and SIMS updates by subscribing to Scomis bulletins via the Customer Portal on the Scomis Website.

Subscribe to updates here:

Remote Back-up

We  looked at how Scomis can help schools ensure that their data is protected and provided an overview of our new Remote Back up service which provides all of our customers the potential to back up more data more cost-effectively across a whole school or MAT/Federation.

For more information please click here

Scomis FAQ – Remote Backup


Please contact Scomis is you would like us to schedule a particular course or training session.  Courses available can be found on the Scomis training directory and currently scheduled courses can be found on the training timetable, a link is below.

Scomis Training Directories

Training timetable

Schools Forum:

A question was asked about address validation.  Please find the Scomis FAQs regarding this topic here:  

Scomis have various FAQ articles on address validation which can be accessed here:

GDPR – Please find some useful links below.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR


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