How are UCI numbers made up

The UCI consists of 13 characters:

Centre number (5)
Board Identifier (1)
The academic year of registration (2)
Candidate serial number (4)
Check character (1)

Centre Number
The number of the centre where the Candidate took their first unit. Candidates moving to different centres part way through their course will retain their original UCI.

Board Identifier
Usually zero

Academic Year of Registration
The academic year in which the Candidate enters for the first unit. For Candidates in the academic year 2017/2018, it will be 17.

Candidate Serial Number (Examination Number)
This is under your control. Must be in the range 0001 to 9999. For any year of registration, there must be no duplicates. In subsequent years, when new Candidates are entered with a new year of registration, serial numbers may be repeated.

Check Character
Automatically generated. It provides a useful means of validation to check that no mistakes have been made in providing the other characters in the identifiers.


Reviewed 24/5/19

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