Scomis Desktop – email setup in SIMS for non-hosted schools

Non-Hosted Schools ONLY

Schools that have their data in their school and not hosted will use their email address in Personnel as their username for the Scomis Desktop.

Log in here :

The  password can be seen by the Scomis Desktop Administrator in the admin portal

The path is :Users and Identity | People | Teaching/non-teaching. The passwords link is bottom right showing as a square icon.

(Scomis Hosted SIMS users will use their SIMS username and password)

In order for a user to access the Scomis Desktop , they must be set up as a member of staff in SIMS with a valid email address on their Personnel Record. They must also be a class teacher and have a current contract.

  • Staff that require access to the Scomis Desktop must have an email address in the SIMS record. This has to be their school address (i.e. one that has a common domain for all staff such as and not
  • This email address must be marked as their main and work email address.
  • This email address will form their login username.

If email addresses are not set up correctly in SIMS, users may receive an error when logging onto the Scomis Desktop eg. ‘Error – Oh no! Something went wrong!’ or ‘User not enabled’



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