Incorrect Connect.ini file / missing connect ini file – External Open VPN Connector

Upon trying to open the local copy of SIMS you may encounter the following error:

Incorrect C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net\connect.ini file : System.Exception

When downloading the connector for the first time, it should automatically update the connect.ini file with your schools database information. The file should look like the following:

[SIMSConnection] ServerName=SIMSDB12\SIMS2008
DatabaseName=School Name

After downloading the connector for the first time or after an upgrade, the file can occasionally be wiped blank.

The file is held in C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS.Net\Connect.ini however it can also be accessed using the External Conenctor Diagnostics Tool.exe under the C:\Support folder. You will need to amend the notepad file and save for the changes to take place.

If you are unsure on what your database information is, you can find it by logging into Hosted SIMS and using the file manager shortcut, browse to F:\Public\SIMS and search for the connect.ini. Alternatively, please email and the Service Desk will be able to obtain this for you.

Service Desk: Please see FAQ Here



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