Who has access or the ability to view SIMS Parent App?

*Updated 05/07/2019*


Which contacts associated on a student record has the ability to access SIMS Parent App?

SIMS Parent App/Parent App Lite

The current functionality is that any contact or guardian that has Parental Responsibility and no Court Order will be able to access SIMS Parent App, and have the ability to see the functionality and data that the school have enabled via https://admin.sims.co.uk to be viewed by parents or guardians.

On the 13 April 2018, Capita released a new feature – ‘Contact Must Live at Same Address’ toggle

Capita announced that they have released a new feature to the SIMS Parent Administration Site that will allow schools to toggle ‘Yes/No’ to modify the access rules on Data Collection where a parent does not live at the same address as their child.  You will be able to see this in the Admin site under SIMS Parent > Settings > Data Collection tab as soon as it is released, however for the new feature to work you will need to apply Patch 23924 to your SIMS database.  For non-hosted schools this is available via SOLUS, for Hosted schools please email scomis@devon.gov.uk and request patch 23924.

  •          Schools will be able to use the ‘Enable ‘Must Live at Same Address’ toggle in the Data Collection settings area of SIMS Parent Admin Site. This will allow schools to allow Parents who do not live at the same address as their child but still have Parental responsibility and no Court Order against the child to access DCS in the web/ app. This toggled can be used in combination with the ‘Only See Self’ toggle so that contacts cannot edit contacts other than themselves.
  •          This is a global setting and when set to ‘Yes/No’ will be applied to all Parents
  •          This toggle is set as ‘Yes’ by default and any changes made to the setting and saved will take effect on the next Data Collection Sync (this may take 24 hours to show). When set to ‘Yes’ the current settings will apply that prevent a parent who does not live at the same address as their child having access to Data Collection Sheet in the SIMS Parent Web and app.
  •          When the toggle is set to ‘No’ Parents who do not live at the same address as their child, but who do have Parental Responsibility and no court order against the child, will have full access to their Data Collection Sheet in the SIMS Parent Web and app

Court Orders – Any Contact that has a tick in Court Order will not show in Product Admin as being able to join ANY of the online services including SIMS Parent, SIMS Activities and Options Online

Pre-admission – parents of students not yet admitted can be invited to access SIMS Parent however what they can do and see will be limited. Parents will be able to view the term dates and school information.  It is only once the student is on roll parents be able to view the schools record of their child (whether that be a summary of their child’s attendance or updating their contact information through the data collection feature). For more information on this please see KB https://faq.scomis.org/kb24864/




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