Who has access or the ability to view SIMS Parent App?

Which contacts associated on a student record has the ability to access SIMS Parent App?

SIMS Parent App

The current functionality is that any contact or guardian that has Parental Responsibility and no Court Order will be able to access SIMS Parent App, and have the ability to see the functionality and data that the school have enabled via https://admin.sims.co.uk to be viewed by parents or guardians.

Contacts, Parents or Guardians who do not live at the same address, however they do have Parental Responsibility ticked in their contact record, this will allow the Parents or Guardians access to the data the school wish to submit excluding Data Collection Sheets. In order to have access to Data Collection Sheets the Parent or Guardian MUST live at the same address as the student/s.

SIMS Parent Lite

The expected functionality is for Data Collection Sheets only, so will only be available for those Parents or Guardians living at the same address as the student.

Court Orders – Any Contact that has a tick in Court Order will not show in Product Admin as being able to join ANY of the online services including SIMS Parent, SIMS Activities and Options Online


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