Sims and FMS Summer 2018 upgrade


Release notes containing detailed information on what is included in the upgrade can be downloaded here:

Summer 2018 SIMS release note

Summer 2018 FMS Release Note


Statutory Returns

  • School Census Autumn 2018 and Schools Workforce Census 2018 files are present in this release.


  • First phase for bulk deletion of student/pupil details (Routines/Pupil).
  • Check box to prevent the bulk deletion of student/pupil information in the Basic Details of a student record.


  • Provision of SEN tags in Individual Reports


  • Persistent Absence Report now provides visibility of those pupil/students who meet the specified threshold and to whom Pupil Premium, SEN or In Care applies.


  • Ability to record alternative provisions placements for the pupil/student
  • Additions to Service Child Concerns Lookup
  • Additions to Alternative Provision Placements Lookup


  • Grounds of Removal is now included in the “General” CTF
  • URN is included  in the Source, Destination, Attendance and School History containers.  An error will be displayed if a school has not added their URN to school details and attempts to export a CTF

Examinations Organiser

  • A pair of discount codes can now be assigned to one qualification for both cohorts.
  • Additional 9-1 subjects for KS4 Qualification Discounting
  • New family discounting field for 16-18 qualifications in Manage Performance
  • Changes to EBacc qualification for 2018
  • Qualification type L2TechCert has been replaced by Level 2
  • Improvements to PI reporting


  • There are no new features provided as part of the FMS 2018 Summer Release.


  • Employees gender added to the Salary Information report
  • QT Status, QTLS Status and EYT Status added to the teacher status options
  • Lookup values added to the staff destination field (for SWC purposes).
  • Reason for leaving lookup has been added (for SWC purposes)

Teacher View

  • Student/pupil list widget can optionally be added to the Teacher View to display a selected Student List Report.


  • Enhancements to the reporting dictionary including
    • Protection from Bulk Data Deletion
    • FSM Ever 1
    • Group membership fields
    • Attendance Minutes late
    • Period description and date (attendance).

 Change Requests included in the Summer Release

  • When adding a new column in an Assessment Manager Template you can specify where it should be inserted.
  • When opening a marksheet you can choose to freeze panes to keep sight of contextual data.
  •   In Tools | Setups | User Options you can now choose which search provider to use when looking a map of an address in Sims.
  • Quick Search results can be exported to excel.
  • Additional fields added to the student list reports.  Percentage Attendance, SEN Needs in one column and students current class.
  • Ability to configure additional fields of your choice in the Student Teacher View
  • New reporting dictionary items to cover System Manager Groups and Permissions
  • SEN Code, SEN Description and SEN Need available as tags in an Assessment Manager Individual Reports
  • Lesson Period and Lesson Period Description added as extra fields in the reporting dictionary under the Lesson Marks sub report
  • Ever FSM 1, i.e. those students who have had any period of free school meal eligibility in the past year are indicated as True (T) or False (F)
  • Ever FSM 1 and Ever FSM 6 added as group filters such as PI Reports, Marksheets and Assessment Analysis Grids
  • NEW – User warning message with detail when entering attendance marks in the following areas:
    • Entering a code over a date range
    • Updating a weekly pattern
    • Adding a new or modifying an existing exceptional circumstance
  • NEW – Additional fields in the Reporting dictionary to report on the minutes late (Year to Date) for Attendance Marks (AM and PM) and Lesson Marks (where Lesson Monitor is used)

Upgrade your own data? – you may find the following faq’s useful:

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