Managing Scomis Desktop Users and Permissions

There are two websites for the Scomis Desktop :  for the Scomis Desktop where teachers take registers for the Scomis Desktop Administrator

When a school first uses the Scomis Desktop, all school teaching staff automatically have access to the Scomis Desktop. This is determined by their role in SIMS, their contract and that they are in the Pastoral Structure.

Groupcall also set up one person in school to have Scomis Desktop Administration rights for access to the admin portal

Non-teaching staff will not automatically be given access to the Scomis Desktop. This is because of data protection as most non-teaching staff such as caretaking and meal time assistants would not need to see pupil details. If non- teaching staff require access to the Scomis Desktop (eg teaching assistants), the Scomis Desktop Administrator can assign permissions via the admin portal (see further down this FAQ).

(NB If the Scomis Desktop Administrator is a non-teaching member of staff, they also will not have access to the Scomis Desktop If the Administrator requires access to the Scomis Desktop to see classes and registers, then please log a support call with the Scomis Service Desk (01392 385300) for them to contact Groupcall on your behalf to change the administrators permissions for the Scomis Desktop. This is because an Administrator can not change their own permissions)

When new teaching staff are added to SIMS, these staff will automatically be able to log onto the Scomis Desktop (please wait overnight for the Scomis Desktop to refresh with the new staff details). If access is required immediately, then the Scomis Desktop Administrator can force a sync through the admin portal via Users and Identity | Identity Dashboard | Resync.

Administrators can log in to the admin portal with their Scomis Desktop username and password (See below).

Username and Password Information:

For Scomis Hosted Schools, usernames will be their SIMS username e.g. John.Smith11 and their SIMS password.

For non- hosted Schools the Scomis Desktop username is the staff email address in Personnel and the password in the administration portal. See

Administrators changing permissions:

Log into to change permissions for staff. Go to Setting > Permissions and Licencing > Emerge Desktop Permissions.  Teaching staff will automatically have access and permissions for the Scomis Desktop to take registers and add behaviours but you may want to add further permissions or remove permissions for non-teaching staff .


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