Autumn 2018 Upgrade to SIMS and FMS


Release notes containing detailed information on what is included in the upgrade can be downloaded here:

SIMS 2018 Combined Release Note

FMS Autumn 2018 Release Note 



  • Routines/Pupil/Bulk Deletion – AD Provisioning, Communication and Interventions and the option to delete all pupil data added.
  • Tools / Setups / School Options – Exclude staff leavers check box to anonymise leavers data when viewed in FMS and to exclude staff with a leaving date of more than 6 years being passed to FMS in a salary extract.

Statutory Returns

  • Spring 2019 School Census files added.  Census date 17/01/2019

SEN Changes

  • SEN status Statement (S) removed from Census collection as no longer valid and can no longer be picked on the SEN status lookup.
  • SEN check box added to Medical Conditions Panel in Student and Applicant record


  • Programme of Study improvements
    • Export and Import Programme – Routines / Data out /Assessment/Export and Routines / Data In / Assessment / Import
    • Customisation of Grades and associated colours – Focus / Assessment / POS Management / Managing Grades


  • Import Grounds for Removal Information – Routines / Data In / CTF / Import CTF
  • Attendance and School History is split before and after the change for Sponsor Led Academies

Bulk Update

  • Routines/ Pupil / Bulk Update – Medical Condition has now been added as a data item.


  • There are no new features provided as part of the FMS 2018 Autumn Release.


  • Focus / School / Rooms – when a staff member is made a leaver they are removed as the main user of a room where assigned.


  • The following fields have been added to the reporting dictionary
    • Nurture Unit
    • Disability
    • Exceptional Teacher Arrangements
    • Registered Sure Start

Upgrade your own data? – you may find the following faq’s useful:

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