Exam Name – Candidate on the Statement of Entry, Certificate & Timetables.

The default format of the Name of Candidate on the Statement of Entry is Surname: Forename, Middle name.
Please note that this is only applicable when the name format is set to default in Focus | Candidate | Internal and the middle name is set to Include Full in Tools | School Details | School Setup.
If the title “Name of Candidate” plus the candidate’s name is longer than 40 characters then the middle name(s) will be shortened to just the letter. Therefore the title Name of Candidate takes up 17 characters alone, so if a student’s forename, middle name and surname exceed the remaining 23 characters then the name will be shortened. The “Name” title at the top of the page, however, does not have a limit and the pupils name will appear in full here
E.g: Raiju Terry Smith Hoffman becomes Hoffman: Raiju T S

You can use the Exam Name fields in the Candidate Details form (Focus | Candidates | Internal) if this is the name that the Candidate would prefer. This will appear on the Certificate.

In formal contexts, the Exam Name fields will take precedence over any other name in the system. If Exam Surname is empty, Legal Surname will be used. If the candidate wants ‘normal’ surname rather than legal surname, simply copy this as Exam Surname

If Exam Forename is empty, the Forename will be used.

Please note that the Individual Candidate Timetables (Reports | Seating Organiser | Individual Candidate Timetables) will only ever read Chosen Forename and Legal Surname, this cannot be overwritten by Exam Forename or Exam Surname.
Reviewed 24/5/19

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