Adding RM EasyMail account to the iPad’s Mail program.

NOTE: This will only let you send and receive your email from the iPad within the schools network.

  1. Tap Mail
  2. Select your account type. Tap Other if your account is not listed.
  3. Enter your username –
  4. Enter your password
  5. Under Incoming Mail Server – Enter –
  6. Under Outgoing Mail Server, tap SMTP. – Enter  –
  7. Tap the SMTP server for your email account and verify the settings are correct.
  8. If you have multiple email accounts on iPad, try using an SMTP server from another account
  9. Tap the SMTPaccount and Select On on the On/Off slider.
  10. If there is an option saying you can add other users, this is not optional, you will neeed to re –enter your username and password


Reviewed on 28/08/2015

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