Scomis Hosted Applications Carrier Neutral Connectivity


Carrier Neutral Connectivity
The Scomis Hosted Connector enables Scomis to provide access to hosted services through a second internet service provider in the event of an incident affecting our primary provider.
This means customers will be able to access the Scomis hosted application service in the event of a single Scomis ISP outage (e.g. SWGfL suffers a DDOS attack). Scomis are able to switch the connections over so that connectivity remains seamless for end users. The Scomis Hosted Connector will check its “preferred” connection and if not available, the application will then check the other connections it knows about. Once a connection is established, a set of load balancers will direct the users traffic to the appropriate servers.
It is important to note that should the schools own internet connection fail, it will still not be possible to access Scomis hosted services without the school using their own alternative internet provision.
Additional Firewall Requirements – To gain the benefit of this there are important changes to our connectivity requirements which may require action by your school. Please ask your ICT team to action the changes relevant to your school:
Non-SWGfL Schools:
SWGfL Schools:



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