Connecting to the Scomis Terminal Server with Driverless Printing

Our Server 2008 Terminal Server platform has been enabled with a truly Printer independent Driverless solution called Screw Drivers.  The product removes many of the restrictions surrounding host based printers.

You will need to download and install 2 software installers, one to connect to our Terminal Server and the other to enable printing.

How it works

Our Servers have been configured with the new software.  The software works in the background and creates a connection with the school workstation.  The workstation reports which printers it has and which user preferences to use.  The Terminal Server will connect at Maximum 2 of your preferred printers.

Your workstation will require a matching client that also works in the background.  The software installs a Control Panel icon that lets your choose which printers you would like to use and how you would like to use them.

As you will have seen above, the Terminal Server will now limit you to only using 2 printers.  Don’t worry, this won’t affect your ability to use any of your printers.  The software is configured to monitor which printer is your default printer and intelligently switches your printer on the Terminal Server.  This means that you can minimise SIMS Terminal Server, go into your Printers and Faxes and Set a different printer as your Default Printer.  The changes will take up to 10 seconds to be updating on the Terminal Server, although in practice the change is virtually instance.

What do I need?

In order to use our new Driverless Printing option, you will need a new Terminal Server connection program and the Driverless printing software.

The latest versions to download can be found here

How can I find out if I am using Server 2008?

Have a look at KB3106 which explains how to check which version of Terminal Server you are using.

How can I find out more about the Driverless Printing?

The product that we are using is called ScrewDrivers.  It is one of the industry leading Terminal Server printing products.  You can find out more by visiting



Reviewed 18/02/2015

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