FCR – ScoMIS FMS Database Selector

This FAQ details the functionality of the “ScoMIS FMS Database Selector” application.  This application has been created to allow you to choose between the two databases (fcr & fms) in the run up to the April 2011 switchover.

It will only change the setting for a single user by modifying their local FMSConnect.ini file.  This means other users in school can continue to use FMS as normal.

Known Limitations:

  • This application can not change the setting back after use so:
    • It should be used as the only way of launching FMS for any member of staff who needs to work on both databases until the switchover to the new database has taken place after April.
    • The application has a handy “Create Desktop Shortcut” option which we recommend you use the first time it is launched.
  • It is not compatible with UAC, if you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 to launch the FMS client you may need to disable UAC if you wish to use this application.

Important Recommendation:

  • To avoid any confusion as to which database you are currently using we recommend your staff  create a different username/password for the new database

Launching the application:

  • In a school who hosts their own data it can be found inside the SIMS folder and is installed during deployment of the database, e.g. G:\SIMS\ScoMISFMSDatabaseSelector\ScoMISFMSDatabaseSelector.exe
  • In a terminal server school it will replace the current FMS shortcut automatically.

Switchover to the FCR database:

  • After April 1st the application will offer to switch over your database to the FCR version for all users.
  • This should only be done once you have carried out all associated tasks.
  • This action will change the shared FMSConnect.ini normally found in G:\SIMS\FMSConnect.ini so that it is pointing to the new fcrFMS database- from this point forward all users will then be using the new database.
  • To access your old (archived) data you can use this application.


In the first instance please consult the following related FAQ: FCR – Scomis FMS Database Selector Troubleshooting & Error Messages or please log a call with the Service Desk in the normal manner.


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