Configuring the Driverless Printing

By Default the Scomis Driverless Printing will only create 2 Printers on the Terminal Server.  This has been designed to help make more efficient use of Server resources.

If you have more than 2 printers installed on your workstation, you may not always get the printer that you might want to use.

The good news is that you will always see your Default Printer, and the Driverless Printer enabled Terminal Server will always switch to using your Default Printer whenever you change it on your workstation.

There are some additional options that you can control by using the Control Panel on your workstation.

Click on the ScrewDrivers Client v4

Once the Control Panel has loaded, Click on the Printers Tab

A list of available Printers will be displayed.

Click on the name of the printer and either add the selected printer to the “Preferred Printers” list or the “Deny Printers” list.

Printers on the Deny Printers list will never appear on the Terminal Server unless you select the printer as a Default Printer.

For Extended Printer Options see



Last Reviewed: 16/02/2015

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