Driverless Printing – Advanced Options

The Driverless Printing Solution on the SIMS Terminal Server gives a number of Advanced Options that extend the functionality of the software.

Open the ScrewDrivers v4 Control Panel.

Click on the name of the Printer that you would like to configure.  The following options are then available for you to select.

Display Second Print Dialog – When selected, a local print dialog box will be displayed.  This allows you to specify settings such as Duplexing, Stapling etc.  It is recommended that when printing any lengthy print reports that don’t use this option, but instead configure the “Default Printing Preferences” on the printer before you connect to Terminal Server.

Output Separator Page – This will print a blank page between each print job.

Print as Image – Causes the printout to be sent to the printer as an image.  This will typically generate large print files and take a longer time to print.

Font Embedding – Use this option if your printer sometimes has problems printing in the font that you use.

Max Colour Quality – Choosing this option allows you to reduce the quality of the printed images.

Compress Images – Images are compress to JPEG format resulting in quicker printing, but typically the quality will be less.

Minimize Spool Size – Forces strong compression of the print file that is transferred.  Can be useful for slow broadband connections.

Force Grayscale – Removes any colour from images and text.



Last Reviewed: 16/02/2015

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