Printing to PDF on the Hosted Application Service (SIMS Terminal Server)

Users of the Hosted Application Service with our driverless printing client installed have the ability to save print jobs as pdf files.

This can be configured on each print job at time of print only

  1. Select the File menu and then the Print option, a Print Dialog is usually displayed.  Here is a sample that is shown in Word 2010
  2. Click on Printer Properties
  3. Click onto the Export tab
  4. Select the Export printout to file, then change the Client Export settings
  5. Select Display Save Dialog (On Print) then OK to proceed
  6. Click the Print button from the original Print Dialog box.
  7. A file Save As dialogue will appear asking for a file name and location on your own system (If this does not appear you may need to minimise the terminal services windows to see it).
  8. Browse to the location you wish to save the file in and enter an appropriate name then click Save to create the file.
  9. Minimise your terminal server session and you will find the newly created pdf in the location specified
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