Autumn School Census – Consolidated Database Patch 1

This patch provides all the improvements to the English statutory returns for the SIMS Summer Release that have to date been delivered via individual generic database patches plus several new improvements.  Individual generic database patches for the English statutory returns in the Summer Release 2021 will no longer be provided, but improvements will instead be provided by English consolidate database patches.

The English Consolidated Database Patch 1 (Patch 26794) has been made available by ESS. If you wish to request this patch please email

Replacement for the three individual generic patches that have already been provided

  • Patch 26780

Issue: The populate from exams routine in Update Post-16 Prior Attainment is correct in not attempting to calculate whether attainment was achieve by the end of year 11 when an ‘external exam’ is involved.  However, where the data was already manually entered for the previous year it would be helpful if this was pulled through for the current year.

Solution: After application of patch 26780 or after application of the consolidated database patch, where involvement of an ‘external exam’ prevents calculation of whether attainment was achieved by the end of year 11 and manual entry of this data for the previous year took place, that manual entry will be brought forward to the current year when the populate from exams routine is run.

  • Patch 26779

Issue: The ‘other courses’ column in the Post-16 Programme of Study table should never display courses that took place when the pupil was taught in year 11, but for pupils currently taught in year 12 this can happen.  This makes no difference to what is reported in School Census Autumn 2021, but can confuse schools.

Solution: After application of patch 26779 or after application of the consolidated database patch, courses from when the pupil was taught in year 11 will not be displayed in the ‘other courses’ column in any circumstances.

  • Patch 26778

Issue: When menu route Tools | Statutory Return Tools | Update Funding and Monitoring was introduced via Workstation Patch 1 for the SIMS Summer Release 2021, there was an issue in the coding that resulted in a fall over where an unusually long name has been assigned for a year group.

Solution: After application of patch 26779 or after application of the consolidated database patch, this fall over for Update Funding and Monitoring will no longer occur.

Issues that are dealt with for the first time in consolidated database patch 1

Issue: Attendance container was not created for pupils who ‘did not have to attend’ any session for the whole of the attendance collection period.  This triggers several validation rules include 2500, 2510 and 2575.

Solution: After application of consolidated patch 1 the missing attendance containers will be included with possible attendance set to 0.

Issue: Pupils who were guests at the school during the previous academic year, but were admitted as on-roll in the current academic year were not be included for funding and monitory.

Solution: After application of consolidated patch 1 the pupils are included for funding and monitoring.

Issue: A programme container is being included where a pupil was originally expected to continue at the school and be taught in year 12, but didn’t turn up for the new academic year and was subsequently given a leaving date at the end of the previous academic year when they were taught in year 11.  This triggers validation rule 2903.

Solution: After application of the patch no programme containers for pupils who left when taught in year 11 will be included.

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