Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended

Scomis have introduced a new version of the Hosted Applications Connector which uses newer technologies, a fresh new look and better fault logging.  In order for customers to start using the updated software, you will need to ensure that the Microsoft .net 4 Framework has been installed on your computer.

Do you need to take any action?

Yes – If your Hosted Applications Connector is displaying a message about installing the .net 4 Framework, you will need to install the framework.

If you computer is Windows 10, normally the .net Framework is enabled by default, however if your IT have disabled it, please ask them to re-enable .net 4 Framework for you.

Installing .net 4 Framework on Windows 7

This Download is now only available for Schools using Windows 7. Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended Download

Use the download link from the green box above,  you will be asked to Run, Save or Cancel

Select Save and save the file to C:\Support

The dotnetfx4.exe file will now download to your local C:\ drive

Once the download is finished, browse to C:\Support and locate the dotnetfx4.exe file

Double click it to run and the following black screen will appear – if you get an error at this stage please call the Scomis Service Desk for advice

When the black screen disappears, the install is complete – please go into Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs to confirm this. You will see an entry in the list for “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended” and just above this “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile”


If you dont see the entries for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended and Client Profile please log a call with the Scomis Service Desk for further advice, otherwise the required software is now installed.


Internet Explorer 9 Users – when you click on the blue download link above – you will be asked if you want to run or save – click on the arrow next to the save button and select “Save as” – Browse to C:\Support and click save.


Once downloaded you will see the following screen:

In the red highlighted pop up – click on “Actions” and then “More options” and then “Run anyway”. When you click on “Run anyway” the black box from above will appear.



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