I have downloaded my Results file but I cannot find it…

The results have been downloaded from the board  but I cannot locate the  file…

The files should have been downloaded into the directory designated in your ED I  (Electronic Data Interchange) software. e.g. F:\Public\SIMS\EXAMIN.  The EDI directory must be mapped in your Tools>School Setup >School Details.
The Result file will consist of the Centre Number and the Board Code. The Centre Number can be checked in your Tools | School Setup | School Details. If the Centre Number does not match, Exams will not be able to read the file.
Possible reasons why you will be  are unable to find any recent results files:
1. The files have been downloaded to the hard disk of another workstation and therefore will need to be copied from there.
2. Users do not have access to the network drive to which the files have been copied. (Users will need to consult their System Manager for assistance with this.)
3. The download has not been successful and therefore the files will need to downloaded again. (It may be necessary to contact the relevant EDI software provider for further assistance.)
Reviewed on 26/05/2015
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