PS Financials – How to run the Audit

NOTE: the information below is no longer relevant, all schools now have access to their own PSFADMIN account, if they request assistance with the audit they may simply need to be advised of their PSFADMIN password (keepass)




Once a year or so the schools using PS Financials need to run a process in the software for Audit.  The current PS Financials permissions mean that this needs to be run by Scomis (a member of the S&N Team) for the school.

Note: To run this process all users (of the school in question) will need to be logged out of PS Financials.

Scomis then login as PSFADMIN (password found in secure store) through the normal Accounting application into the schools Database.

Then click into “Admin >Audit”

Note: If you get a message that users are still logged in you can use the Licence Administrator application to identify and contact them

Click the following Ticks then click OK

A confirmation screen will be displayed which you can screenshot and email to the school contact…

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