How can I check what Windows version my PC is using?

The easiet way to identify what version of Windows you have installed is to check the Start Button on the bottom left of your desktop screen.

  Windows XP Start icon – Please note Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. If you are still using Windows XP you should upgrade or replace your computer ASAP.

Win7  Windows 7 Start icon.

 Win8 Win8d    Windows 8 Start Icon and ‘Metro’ screen.

Other ways to identify your version of Windows

1)      If you have a Windows key on your keyboard press this and the R key together to display the Run box, type in winver and click OK.

2)      If you do not have a Windows key on your keyboard click on the Windows Start button, if you have a “Run” option select this and type in winver and click OK. 

3)      If you click on the Start button and do not have a “Run” option but have a search box type in winver in the search box and press Enter.

If you are unable to find your Windows version using one of the methods above please contact the Scomis Service Desk who will be happy to assist.

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