Key Stage Bulletin 2022

This is a statutory requirement by the DFE. 

 This FAQ contains the latest information and guides regarding the Key Stage Return 2022. 

Please see below for further guidance 

For further information please email or call 01392 385300

Important Dates

Phonics Threshold mark release date- 20th June 2022 – This information will be published on

UPDATE- KS2 CTF’s not importing into SIMS 

Update- 11/07/2022- 

Schools can now log back into the Primary assessment Gateway website and re-download their KS2 CTF. You can then go to Routines>Data In>CTF>KS2 for existing pupils and import the CTF. 

UPDATE- 08/07/2022-

We have been advised that the DFE are currently testing a solution and will communicate with schools once they have finished. In the meantime please do not attempt to import your results. 

CTF’s are erroring when schools try to import them into SIMS. The DFE are currently working on a fix.

Update- 07/07/2022- The DFE are still working on a fix for the KS2 CTF’s. At the moment they can not be imported.

Please see statement from ESS-

” Issues Importing Key Stage 2 Results

We have been made aware of a number of issues importing the Key Stage 2 results obtained from the Pupil Assessment Gateway into SIMS. The issues that have been raised surround but are not limited to; incorrect filenames, CTF version numbers and incorrect content within the downloaded files. We are currently liaising with colleagues at the DfE and Pupil Assessment Gateway to understand when there will likely be a resolution to these issues. We are aware that some users have amended the filenames or tried to fix the issues themselves in some other way. We strongly advise against schools attempting any solution that has not been ratified by the DfE or PAG as this has the potential of corrupting the file itself or creating further issues  ”

UPDATE– KS2 Download day

Please see the following link –

UPDATE- Phonics Threshold mark

The 2022 phonics screening check threshold mark is 32. Teachers should check each pupil’s mark against the threshold to establish whether they have achieved the expected standard.

You can bulk enter 32 by right clicking on the Threshold column in the marksheet and selecting “Select grade for column” and clicking 32.

Please also see the DFE’s Phonics Screening check:2022 materials-

Schools must produce CTF files containing the results to




and provide to your Local authority on the date they specify.

KS2 upload deadline date to Primary Assessment Gateway- 28th June 2022

DFE guidance websites 

Primary assessments: future dates

Phonics screening check data collection: guide to submitting data

Guide: How to use the Primary Assessment Gateway KS2

Useful FAQ’s

Changes to Key Stage 2022

How to create CTF for primary Assessment Gateway-KS2

How to delete an incorrect mark from a marksheet

Guidance for SIMS Schools (please click links below)


KeyStage Year-1-and-Year-2-Phonics-2022



Key Stage England Guide

Guidance for Arbor Schools (please click links below)

DFE statutory Primary Assessments- Arbor

KS1 and KS2 setup Arbor

Phonics- Arbor


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